Here is where we left off in our last post.

Let’s make sure that we point out here, that Jesus is (the Christ), and (the Christ) is Messiah.

Therefore, the lineage of Messiah is referring to those who are born of God through the belief that Jesus is the Christ, and the faith that God raised Jesus from the dead to become our Messiah.

Let’s jump into this subject of (the lineage of Messiah), and the covenant that has been granted to that lineage.

Believers as we are called, fall under the title of the lineage of Messiah. These are those who have placed their faith in the belief that God has provided a deliverer, a savior of mankind. God chose the most qualified candidate possible. He chose His only begotten Son.  The Son came and was crucified.  The Son died in that crucifixion, but not just to be dying.  The Son died for the sin of the whole world, from the beginning of time, to the end of time which is the beginning of eternity. The Son was then resurrected by God the Father, and made to be Messiah, the savior of the world.

The death of the Son is payment for all sin of all time, except for one sin in particular.  That one particular sin that the death of the Son cannot cover, is the sin of rejecting the Son as Messiah, but we shall get into that just a bit later on.

So, the Son came and died,  and was resurrected by God the Father in order to become Messiah the administrator of the second covenant.  It is by this second covenant that those who believe in Messiah are able to be made children of God, in and by the spirit.  Through this second covenant believers are able to become born again of the spirit, and have a connection with God in the spirit.  It is through this rebirth that believers are also able to walk in the spirit. Walking is the spirit is how we overcome all levels of sin oppression, and it is only through the second covenant that a person is able to walk in the spirit.

In our next post, we will talk about the two administrators of the two covenants, and more about the two covenants in general.