In our last post we ended with this…

It is freedom from the Law that gives us the opportunity to walk in the spirit.  Therefore, on the next post we will get into how we can be made free from the Law.

So, let’s dive into this part of the subject.  In order to walk in the spirit we must become free from the Law. That means that we must be removed from subjection to the Law.

A Connection To God Through Covenants

When discussing having a connection to God, we must bring to the table that there are two biblically discussed structures by which the connection was made possible. They are referred to as covenants, and these covenants were made between God and Man. The first covenant was administered on behalf of God by the Law, and the second covenant was administered by the Messiah.

The first covenant administered by Law had a blessing that dealt with prospering in the earth until the coming of Messiah, while the second covenant which is administered by Messiah, carries a blessing of prospering in eternity in the presence of Messiah.  in other words, the first covenant only leads to the opportunity of an eternal blessing, while the second covenant is the fulfillment of the promise of an eternal blessing to those of the first covenant, as well as an instant eternal blessing for those of the second covenant.

These covenants outlined the necessary procedures, expectations, and provisions that were to be administered between God and Man. In other words, what was to be done by God, and what was to be done by Man.

The first covenant was administered by the Law, and orated by Moses.  The first covenant was not between God and all of mankind, but between God and the lineage of a particular man. That particular man was Abraham, and Abraham through faith had established a personal connection with God.

We won’t get into the in’s and out’s of how that personal connection came about here, but I can see that in the future we may need to so that there can be a full understanding of how things came to be the way that they are between God, and those who have a connection with Him.  So, I will plan to make sure we expound on that topic a bit later, but for now let’s continue with this.

As I was saying, the first covenant was between God and the lineage of Abraham, but the second covenant was made to be between God and the lineage of the Messiah.

Who is the lineage of Abraham encompassing, and who is the lineage of Messiah encompassing?

That’s a great question, and we will be sure to answer that in our next post.